Tim Harvey: Coordinator, Leo Carrillo Junior Lifeguards

John Regan: State Park Peace Officer / Malibu Sector Lifeguard Supervisor


Can we get a discount if our child can only attend three of the five weeks?

No, sorry we do not pro-rate our program.

Will my child be safe in the water?
Yes, we do everything possible to insure your child’s safety in the water and on the beach. The Instructors are all professionally trained ocean lifeguards, we have trained assistants and daily seasonal paid guards at our disposal. We set up operations between two manned lifeguard towers. We do have many activities that take place in the ocean that are monitored from the water as well as the beach.

Can my child abstain from the daily buoy swims?
Only if we feel it not safe for him/her to do so. We are training participants to be safe and confidant in all ocean conditions, physical fitness and daily swims are an important part of this experience. Part of the resistance to swimming in the ocean is water temperature; the water is cold at times. This can be overcome by wearing a wetsuit. We recommend a spring suit (short legs) as it is easy to get on/off and easy to run in.

Are you a “competition” oriented program?
Although we acknowledge the competitive nature in children we do not focus on preparing for competitions, we participate in two organized competitive events during the summer. Instead, we have designed inter-squad activities to motivate participants to perfect good lifesaving skills.

What if my child misses a day?

He /she will just miss that day’s activities; we hope for perfect attendance but understand that it is not always possible. Please notify us if your child will not be attending.

My child is being bullied, can you do something about this?
Yes we can, bullying is not tolerated in our program. If we determine that a child has been bullying another we will contact their parents and remove the child from the program. Any participant that threatens the safety of another, the group, and/or the public will not be allowed to continue in the program.